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Le Châble (VS)

10.09.2020 (16:00)

18.09.2020 (10:00)

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10.09.2020 (16:00)


The event was the Sunday 20.09.2020 (one year ago).
Registrations to the Verbier Gravel Challenge are free !

The Verbier Gravel Challenge was created to showcase the amazing cycling terrain available in the Verbier Val de Bagnes region. Riding a gravel bike is the perfect way to do this. The versatility of the gravel bike enables you to explore the area, with like minded cyclists, sharing an adventure together and talking about it over a beer at the end of the day. The Verbier Gravel Challenge isn’t about competition against the clock and other people, but it is to challenge yourself.

The route is mainly on gravel roads but sections of the route include tarmac as we cross from one valley to the other.

We want the Verbier Gravel Challenge to be a fun cycling challenge whilst respecting nature and the mountains.
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  • 2 Routes to choose from :
    • Route 1 - 80km with 3,000 vertical metres of climbing.
    • Route 2 - 60km and 2,000 vertical metres of climbing.
  • Quiet forest gravel tracks
  • Explore the stunning Val de Bagnes area
  • Experience more on your road bike away from the traffic climbing on quiet forest gravel tracks
  • Ascents are timed so you take your time and enjoy the route
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Location of the arrival area