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Patrouille des Glaciers - Inscriptions - 2022

Patrouille des Glaciers - Inscriptions : event logo
25.04.2022 - 01.05.2022
Verbier (Valais)
Ski Mountaineering - Ski mountaineering

31.08.2021 (22:00)

14.04.2022 (21:59)

Publication of participants
24.04.2022 (22:00)


The event was between the Monday 25.04.2022 and the Sunday 01.05.2022 (2 years ago).

One of the largest ski-mountaneering events in the world


The registration period for the PdG is closed. Registrations are no longer possible, with the exception of the category P2 - international military patrols. They can register using their respective acces code. They get this code by the Cmd of the PdG.


The Patrouille des Glaciers (PdG) is a historic military competition that is open to an international participants. Civilians and servicemen, top athlethes and amateurs, all are welcome to participate in this unique event.


The competition is part of "La Grande Course", a series that unites six long distance races.


The Patrouille des Glaciers is held twice during the week of the event. It is run in patrols of three competitors.


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A unique track on the Haute-Route


Race Z goes from ZERMATT to VERBIER passing AROLLA on the way.

 See track Z on

Race A goes from AROLLA to VERBIER.

 See track A on

The races Z1 and A1 are scheduled to take place on tuesday and wednesday while the races Z2 and A2 are scheduled for friday and saturday of the race week. Due to weather and snow conditions, the races can be interrupted, postponed, advanced or cancelled at any time.


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The longest, toughest and most iconic ski-mountaineering race in Switzerland


Media: PDG/video-patrouille-des-glaciers-2022.jpg


How can I sign up to take part in the PdG?


1.  I carefully read the Rules of the Patrouille des Glaciers 2022

  In order to sign up a patrol, all members need to have an MSO profile. If I don't already have one, I can create one here. If if the other members of my patrol already have an MSO profile I can choose it during the registration process, otherwise I can directly create one for them while signing up.

3.  Gather all the information of all the members of your patrol, before you start the registration process. Depending on the category you choose, some quite specific information is required. For example if you want to sign up a swiss military patrol, you will be asked to provide the social security number of all patrol members. This information is then used to verify if all participants in this category have actually servec in the swiss army.

4.  I sign up using the registration platform. I read the questions carefully and fill in the correct answers to the questions. This helps the organizers to provide you the best possible experience.

5.  I pay my registration using one of the proposed payment methods.

6.  Once the payment is done, I verify that I got a confirmation by email.

7.  I start training for the race and look forward to the result of the lottery for the starting places.





Before signing up, it is mandatory to read the Race Rules and its annex.


All participants of the PdG are subject to the anti-doping regulations. Strict controls will be made during the race. Violations will lead to disqualification.

Please consult the site: before you sign up.


Insurance conditions


Read about the cancellation insurance in case of accident, illness or death.


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Organisation and Contact


For questions in context with the registration, the MSO support-team will happily take care of your inquiries.

Help-Center Registration:
Support MSO


For questions about the race, the organization or the preparations, please contact the Cmd of the Patouille des Glaciers.

Contact Race :
Cmd PdG
Rue du Catogne 7, 1890 St. Maurice
[email protected]



Location of the arrival area