Organisation and Timekeeping for Sport Events
17.05.2024 - 20.05.2024
Hvar (Croatia)
Swimming - Others

01.01.2024 (11:00)

01.01.2024 (11:30)

Publication of participants
16.05.2024 (16:00)


The event was between the Friday 17.05.2024 and the Monday 20.05.2024 (2 months ago).


A new category of open-water swim event !



Complete 33.3km, the iconic English Channel distance, over a 4 day long weekend, in a point-to-point open water ‘off-road’ timed challenge format (location has been prefered to laps where that can).



A true challenge but accessible to all determined swimmers !


Set in iconic and stunning global locations, with varied and challenging conditions which will push you up against your physical and mental limits. And beyond. But you’ll get through it, with amazing support around you from the organisation and your fellow participants, and you’ll be rewarded ! Sharing this experience with incredible like-minded swimmers from all over the world, special memories and lifelong bonds will be formed. Do it all backed by world class event management, the highest levels of safety cover and premium support services - so you will be able to swim like a pro.



Location of the arrival area