Organisation and Timekeeping for Sport Events
10.08.2022 - 12.08.2022
Verbier (Valais)
E-Bike - Cycling

01.08.2022 (10:00)

01.08.2022 (10:30)

Publication of participants
09.08.2022 (10:00)


The event was between the Wednesday 10.08.2022 and the Friday 12.08.2022 (one year ago).

The Heart of The E-Bike World Tour



The E-Bike World Tour offers all riders who accept the challenge three multi-day races in three different countries - Austria, France and Switzerland. Whether it's high alpine scenery or lush forests, look forward to riding different terrains from stage to stage. And to spice things up a bit, there’s a bit of hike-a-bike here and there. At the end of these three races an overall champion will be crowned in Verbier.


In 2022 we’re visiting Flachau - Austria,  Tignes & Val d’Isère high up in the French Alps and returning to Verbier for the E-Tour du Mont-Blanc. Each race is split into long-timed stages over 2-3 days with tech zones where battery exchanges are available. This creates a unique format in e-mountain biking. A 3-day race will likely cover around 300km of single trails, in a mix of lush forests and high alpine scenery. Riders will race individually in Flachau and Tignes & Val d'Isère, in Verbier for the E-Tour du Mont-Blanc riders will join forces in teams of 2. Riders collect points and battle for the overall win of the E-Bike World Tour.



Location of the arrival area