Organisation and Timekeeping for Sport Events
25.08.2023 - 27.08.2023
Zermatt (Valais)
Trail Running - Running

08.11.2022 (15:00)

24.08.2023 (21:59)

Publication of participants
31.07.2023 (22:01)


The event was between the Friday 25.08.2023 and the Sunday 27.08.2023 (7 months ago).


Important informations


The ACTIVE, SKY, MOUNTAIN and EXTREME races are closed.


Only athletes with a VIP code can register (please do NOT ask the organiser or MSO for this VIP code. This code is only for people on the waiting list when a place is available).


If you want to register on the waiting list for these races, find out how to do it: here.



The Matterhorn Ultraks is one of the things to do in a lifetime



Since its creation ten years ago, the hype around the Matterhorn Ultraks has grown steadily.


There are many reasons for this. The omnipresence of the Matterhorn during the race, the quality of the organisation, the regular novelties and the fact that it has been part of the Skyrunner World Series since the first edition.


The Matterhorn Ultraks is for everyone, from professionals who face the technicality of the EXTREME to amateurs who try new experiences with the VERTINIGHT or the ACTIVE which has a majority of women at the start.


So if you have never raced in Zermatt before, book the weekend of 25-26-27 August 2023 to celebrate the first day of your new life! 



The courses


With five different courses, it's impossible not to find what you like in Zermatt.


To find out more, please follow this link.



The kids' race


The children's race remains one of the highlights of the weekend.


Seeing the enthusiasm of these youngsters on the start line is a joy. And to see them again years later in the junior or adult races is rewarding. 





If you still have any doubts, you should know that the prices have not changed in the last ten years.


Just click HERE and you will be among the proud competitors of the Matterhorn Ultraks!

Location of the arrival area