Organisation and Timekeeping for Sport Events
13.04.2024 - 14.04.2024
Fontenais (Jura)
Trail Running - Running

01.10.2023 (10:00)

07.04.2024 (21:59)

Publication of participants
01.10.2023 (10:00)


The event was between the Saturday 13.04.2024 and the Sunday 14.04.2024 (3 months ago).


Important informations

The adult races are full !

Looking forward to 13 and 14 April 2024...



... the return of spring, nature slowly waking up and decking itself out in its brightest colours to welcome runners in their numbers to the trails of Mont-Terri. A whole programme that the organising committee can only recommend to you.


In 2023, 1537 of you signed up for one - or sometimes several ! - of the different races. A record number of participants, thanks not only to the excellent weather conditions over the weekend, but also, and above all, to an atmosphere that was both sporting and relaxed, to volunteers who were as helpful as they were smiling, and last but not least, to a conviviality that is typical from the region of Ajoie !


In short, pure pleasure that you can only enjoy if you register soon! The committee has decided to limit the number of participants in each race (excluding the Mini-Terribles), in order to continue to offer runners a welcome worthy of the name.


As for an advice: register early ! Find all the details on the event website.


See you soon for the 8th edition of the Courses du Mont-Terrible.





Location of the arrival area